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Empty Nesters at The Zephyr

On our wedding day we are focused on each other, the life we are going to create together.  If kids are in the plan, we imagine how they will be an addition to our already established relationship.  Even with the best intentions to stay connected to our partner, parenting can take a front seat, and there is not much hanky- panky going on in the back seat. Being a couple and dating was integral to creating a strong bond with our partners, and is essential to maintaining a bond throughout a marriage or committed relationship. When the relationship is not nurtured throughout the raising of our children, and even if it is, we can face unexpected obstacles to reconnecting as a couple when the children are grown.

The challenges facing couples after the kids leave the home is depicted in the comedy-drama, "Empty Nesters", playing now at the Zephyr Theater in Los Angeles.  In the show, the couple are facing what life will be like for them as a family and a couple now that both their children have left home.  It illustrates the questions, anticipation and hope that arise during this transitional period in a couples life. 

At one point Francis, the wife, wonders why no one talks about this time in a parent's life. I agree, why do we not talk about larkhood more?  There are many reasons to shine a light on the experience of larkhood.  The biological changes, emotional changes and relational changes are enormous. 

I am excited to announce that we are going to talk about it.  I hope you see the show and this Friday, February 15th, 2019 I will be part of a panel after the show to discuss the support available and mental health issues related to life after raising kids. Please see below for a special offer.

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