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From Parenthood to Larkhood, a Bit About Larkhood Therapy and Support

Empty nest is a normal transition just like having children was a normal transition in life, and a time when support and therapy can help.We know that our children becoming adults and leaving the nest is an expected and mostly desired occasion.  And just like the experience of entering into parenthood came with adjustments, loss, adventure and connection, so too does this moment when we enter into our life after we have raised our children.  How did we get through the decades of raising kids? I imagine with support and guidance.  Larkhood is a community to provide resources and support to assist in the new adventure with renewed self, a renewed relationship and renewed vision of the path ahead. We did not go through parenthood alone, let's not go through life after raising kids alone.  I hope you join our community. Thanks

Individual Support

Connecting back to you

Life after raising kids can be a time of great transition and growth for us as individuals, a chance to connect and discover what is already with us. Know yourself and your experience in a safe and understanding space.  I will be with you through this time of change and growth. Get in touch to book an appointment.

Wild Path
Women Holding Hands

Group Support

Here For You

While this time in our lives as parents is a normal transition.  It is also true that most of us will move through this moment and know our new selves on the other side.  It is also true that the most supportive way to move through any transition is with resources and connection.  Come share your experience, cry, laugh and be in community.

Couples Support

Renew Connection

If you are like many couples, the transition from parenthood to life after raising kids can be a time of change for your relationship.  Couples therapy can be a resource to guide you through a stronger bond.  Get in touch to begin the process of reconnection.

Bridge into the Woods

It is all kind of a lark

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